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Crewe Minibus

Our bus and coach company

Welcome to our bus and coach company in Crewe. Here you are offered with charming, lavish and exclusive transportation service all over in Crewe. Our company is an experienced business operator in Crewe who have been in service for the past many years. We assure you a wonderful experience with our company and if you are on a trip, we can suggest you some of the best places to visit in Crewe too. So, when you gather with some special ones and want to spend some superior time with them at any prestigious place, there our company accomplish your dreams in prefect style. From picking you up to dropping you at the destination, we shall provide you with a lavish and luxurious travel experience in one of the finest minibuses or coach from our fleet.

Talking about the staff at our office, each and every chauffeur of our company is skilled, licensed and trained professional. We have focused on hiring a polite and trained staff to serve you in the finest conceivable manner. This is the reason why all our drivers are screened carefully and made sure that they don’t have any criminal background. All of the staff members are selected after testing their driving skills to ensure you the safe and lavish trip.

Vehicles used by our bus and coach hire company Crewe

We are famous for our high quality lavish vehicles available at your service in the best and competitive rates. The minibuses and coaches that our company provides are superior than any other service provider in Crewe. The range of vehicles present in our fleet are explained below. By looking at the buses and coaches, you will come to know that our minibus and coach hire company Crewe has really taken customer service to the next level by letting you have any minibus or coach as per the number of passengers. Our company is able to fulfil your requirement and provide you with the vehicle that you will require.

  1. Iveco 16-seater minibus standard

If your group comprises of up to 16 people, then we have the perfect vehicle for you that is the exclusive Iveco 16- seater minibus standard. With ample amount of space, luxurious seating and an aesthetically pleasing interior, this minibus from Iveco vows to provide you with an awesome experience on your trip through the Crewe town.

Having a 6-speed manual transmission, the diesel engine Iveco 16-seater minibus assures superior travelling for the customer everywhere in Crewe. This is well-organized, useful and a really capacious vehicle that assures to be a perfect option for inner-city travelling. With an enormous capacity of 16 people, the hiring price charged by our company is extremely reasonable and affordable. The Iveco’s CNG powered engine is also available for reducing environmental effect. Henceforth, the minibus guarantees to make your journey safe and lavish.

  1. 12-16 seater Ford transit minibus standard

Increased luxury, increased safety, security and comfort is offered with quite a handsome reduction in the cost of hiring. We, at our minibus and coach hire company are committed to provide you with exuberant services while remaining the most economical option for our customers. We are a level ahead in our customer service and this is the reason why we have equipped our fleet with vehicles ranging in a wide range of sizes.

For the groups containing 12 to 16 members, we offer our exclusive Ford transit minibus standard. The quality of Ford minibus combined with the high- quality customer service of our company and our skilled drivers will surely provide you with an unparalleled experience. Assuring an outstanding all-over experience, Ford offers you with 12-16- seater transit minibus. Our vehicles are the best option for the lavish journey you expect. With innovative technology, the music is all over controlled by your voice commands. The headlights of Ford transit minibus are furnished with a sensor that detects the dimmed light, and it automatically turns, for making your journey cooler, safer and more comfortable.

  1. Executive Mercedes vehicle

Business class service in economy class rates is provided to you and your up to 9 group members in the exclusive Mercedes minibus. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle is a ticket to exclusive luxury. The vehicle has a capacity for 6-9 passengers and allows you to enjoy yourself as much as you can in this lavish vehicle and have a safe, comfortable journey with an experience beyond expectation. As it is known that Mercedes is eye-catching, comfy and lavish, your journey will be the same when hired our services. Furthermore, Mercedes also compromises finest enactment on road. Riding in Mercedes is always followed by a special grace and positive impact. Therefore, for 6-9 passengers, Mercedes tends to be the best option roaming around in Crewe.

  1. Renault master standard

If you need a minibus that can easily accommodate 14 to 17 passengers, then our company has the perfect vehicles for this case for you. You can simply choose our Renault master standard minibus. The minibus by Renault which is made to accommodate 14 to 17 passengers, is an impeccable vehicle that can fulfill all your requirements. The Renault master standard has a great exterior alignment and it offers you a safe and lavish ride.

  1. Range of other buses

It can always happen that you need more spacious buses or more quality in terms of service and vehicle. Just contact us and tell us your query and requirement. We shall surely provide you with your requirement. In terms of service, we are always ready to provide you with the quality that you need and in terms of vehicles, we have tried to equip our company with a wide range of minibuses and coaches.

  • If there is a school tour, a society hangout or any other occasion for which you need a whopping 72- seater bus, then all you need to do is contact our company and tell us the details to book our 72- seater coach i.e. the double decker coach. We shall appoint our expert bus driver to you who will be courteous and skilled. Thus, assuring you a safe, comfortable and lavish journey.
  • If you don’t need that big of a bus like the double decker one, then you can also ask us to hire our 49 – 53 seater coach. In order to make sure you have the right size of vehicle assigned, we have tried to include all the suitable sizes of vehicles in our fleet.
  • We also have a 28- 35- seater coach and lavish 24- seater minibuses.
  • Mostly, the groups don’t require much bigger minibuses or coaches and demand vehicles that can accommodate 8, 12, 14 or 16 passengers. We have a lot of vehicles in this range.

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